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China Consults on New GB 29938 the National Food Safety Standard for Food Flavors

China Consults on New GB 29938 the National Food Safety Standard for Food Flavors

On November 7th, the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center issued a public consultation on the draft of the National Food Safety Standard for Food Flavors.

Compared to the current standard GB 29938-2020 "General Principles for the Use of Food Flavors," the new version (draft for consultation) has the following main changes:

1. Appendix D, "Requirements for the Content of Synthetic Flavors for Food Use," has been modified to "Technical Requirements for Synthetic Flavors for Food Use." The changes include:

a) Addition of three flavor varieties and their quality specifications: L-arabinose, hardwood smoke flavor SEF 7525, hardwood smoke flavor SmokEz C-10.

b) Addition of quality specifications for 17 flavors (including technical indicators such as color, state, aroma, refractive index, relative density of flavor substances): 1-para-menthen-4-ol (also known as 1-para-menthene-4-ol), alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, ethyl levulinate, isobornyl acetate, neohesperidin dihydrochalcone, benzaldehyde (also known as 3-phenylpropanal), orange blossom alcohol, elemicin, linalool, isobornyl acetate, alpha-terpinyl acetate, camphor, citronellal, isovaleraldehyde, cis-jasmone, 2-acetylpyridine.

c) Addition of the inspection methods for the technical requirements of synthetic flavors for food use in Table D.2 in Appendix D.

2. The names of flavors have been revised and improved according to GB 2760 National Food Safety Standard for Food Additive Use. For example, "sandalwood alcohol (α-, β-)" has been revised to "sandalwood alcohol (including α-sandalwood alcohol, β-sandalwood alcohol)," and "1-para-menthen-4-ol" has been revised to "1-para-menthen-4-ol (also known as 1-para-menthene-4-ol)." This ensures consistency between the standardized names and GB 2760.

3. In addition, based on industry surveys, it is proposed to delete 9 substances from GB 2760 as they are no longer being produced or used, which include methyl salicylate, 3-acetoxyhexanoic acid methyl ester, 4-hepten-3-one, glycyrrhizic acid, quebracho extract, ramie, synthetic corn oil, isooctyl succinate, coconut oil mixed acid ethyl ester.

GB 29938 "General Principles for the Use of Food Flavors" serves as a general product standard for food flavors without specific quality specifications. It is important for both food flavor manufacturers and users to pay attention to it to ensure compliant production and use.

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