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Export Cosmetics to the EU

Export Cosmetics to the EU


I. What are the regulations for exporting cosmetics to the EU?

Any cosmetic product coming from outside of the European Union must have:

* A Product Information File (PIF), including a Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) signed by a certified Safety Assessor

* Compliant labels with the requirements of the EU Regulation 1223/2009

* A CPNP number

* A Responsible Person based in one of the EU-27


II.What are the tests required to export to the EU?

For all products, two mandatory tests will be required:

1. An accelerated stability/compatibility test of at least 3 months, including protocol, reasoning, and shelf-life conclusion, performed at 40°C for 100 days in the final packaging. The results will later need to be backed up by a real-time stability test.


2. A Challenge (PET) test according to ISO 11930:2019 is also needed, unless for:

Products that do not contain water

* Products with pH above 10 or below 3

* Products with high alcohol content (≥ 20%)

* Products that are filled at a temperature above 65°C

* Products that contain raw materials that can create a hostile environment, such as strong oxidizing agents, propellant gases, polar organic solvents etc.

* Products packed in packaging that does not allow contamination during use or single-use products.

Then, depending on the type of product, additional tests might be required, such as:

* UVB and UVA protection tests for Sun Protection products.

* Eye irritation test for products to be applied in the eye area.

* Patch test, for products using many essential oils that might be irritating.

Efficacy tests to sustain the effects claimed on the label.


III. What are the labeling requirements?

* Mandatory elements that need to appear:

* Name and address of the Responsible Person

* Nominal content

* Date of minimum duration or PAO

* Country of origin (if the product is imported into the community)

* Product function (unless it’s clear from its presentation)

* Warnings

* Batch number

* INCI list