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The China Trade Compliance Center sorted out the evaluation opinions of 10 typical children’s cosmetics from the website of the Food and Drug Administration. The main problems were that the formula design principles did not meet the requirements and the raw material safety basis was insufficient. It is recommended that the formula design of children’s products be adequate Consider the safety of raw materials and their dosage.

Frequently Asked Questions about Children’s Cosmetics Filing

Q1: This product is a children’s cosmetics. The formula contains flavors and pigments “CI 15985, CI 14700”. The basis for adding these ingredients and the explanation of the necessity, as well as the conclusions of toxicology research and literature (including toxicology Research report on experimental data and conclusions) and other materials.

Q2: In the formula, MACADAMIA INTEGRIFOLIA seed oil and sunflower (HELIANTHUS ANNUUS) seed oil did not provide the basis for evaluating the safe dosage for use in cosmetics, nor did it calculate and provide the daily exposure of these two raw materials and infants Basis for weight calculation. The Chinese label of the product is not marked with warning words such as � “should be used under adult supervision” as required.

Q3: Did not analyze the necessity of using the ingredients in the formula one by one, such as the necessity and rationality of p-hydroxyacetophenone, bisabolol, carbomer, etc.

Q4: The product packaging adopts the cartoon image in the cartoon “Little Penguin Pok Lele”. It is suspected of children’s cosmetics. The toxicology report shows that light irritation does not support children’s products. The packaging should be designed in accordance with relevant Chinese regulations.

Q5: The foreign name of the product is “Little Body Moisturizing Lotion”. Please clearly indicate the warning word on the Chinese label: This product is not a cosmetic for children.

Q6: The formula design principles of children’s cosmetics did not provide cyclopentadimethylsiloxane and did not provide the quality specification certificate containing the control indicators of cyclotetramethicone (D4).

Q7: Please provide an explanation on whether some plant-derived ingredients in the formula have a risk of allergens similar to those in flavors and provide information on the raw material manufacturer. The name of the product was changed from “boy” to “child”, the applicable population has changed, and no specific and effective description has been made.

Q8: Evaluation of safety risk substances: The raw material “Carbomer” in the formula may bring in the harmful solvent “benzene”. Please provide the quality specification of the raw material, and make a safety evaluation analysis description in the overall analysis report of the formula .

Q9: Potassium sorbate is a permitted preservative, and it has not been analyzed in conjunction with the “Safety Technical Specifications for Cosmetics”.

Q10: The safety assessment of the flavor does not meet the requirements. The flavor manufacturer did not provide the content analysis certificate issued by the flavor manufacturer that may contain allergenic fragrance components (26 EU allergens).