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Industry Insight09/09/2021Animal testing exemption-Imported General Cosmetic Filing/Notification Steps

  • Conditions of animal testing exemption
  • How to Exempt from Animal Testing in China for General Cosmetics?
  1. It shall be a general cosmetic, special cosmetics like sunscreen, whitening products are NOT included.
  2. Allthe manufacturers of the product have obtained the relevant qualification certification of the production quality management system issued by the cosmetics supervision department of the country (region) where it is located.
  3. The safety risk assessment results are sufficient to prove product safety.
  4. The product is NOT claimed to be intended for infants and children;
  5. The product canNOT use new ingredients that are in the safety monitoring period;
  6. The notifier, domestic responsible person, or manufacturers are NOT listed as the key supervision objects which has bad records according to the supervision quantitative grading results.


  • Is it a Cosmetic ? How does the CSAR define a cosmetic?

Cosmetics Definition: herein refers to chemical industrial products for daily use that are applied on our human body surfaces such as skin, hair, nails, lips and so on. Application methods include  rubbing, spraying or other similar techniques for the purpose of cleansing, protecting, beautifying or grooming. —— CSAR,2021


  • How are premarket approval different for Special and General cosmetics?

Cosmetics Classifications

Special Cosmetics: if your product claims: Spot Removal and Whitening, Sun Screening, Hair Dyes, Hair Perms, Anti-hair Loss, Or claims a new efficacy. Then its special.

General Cosmetics: if your product claims other claims like Skin care, Hair care, Nail care products, Make-up and Perfumes, a general cosmetic !




  • Notification Steps for Imported General Cosmetics-animal testing exemption





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  • Chinese responsible agency service
  • Apply for CITIS permit or certificate of endangered speciesservice
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  • Mouthwash etc. Dental Care Products regulatorycompliance Service
  • Custom clearance service
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  • Anti-bacterial products Filing/Notification Service
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