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Latest NewsRegulations11/03/2022General cosmetics: Annual report requirements and Application procedures


【Notice on cosmetic annual report】

According to the requirements of NMPA Announcement on issuing the Rules for Registration and Notification Dossiers of Cosmetics(NO.35 of 2021), from 1 Jan. 2022, an annual report system will be implemented on general cosmetics notified through the previous registering and notifying platform and the current one. Notifiers shall submit the annual report of general cosmetics notified for a full year through the current registering and notifying platform from 1 Jan. to 31 March every year.


【Requirements for the annual report of general cosmetics 】

According to Article 53 in the Rules for Registration and Notification Dossiers of Cosmetics, the following contents shall be included in the annual report of general cosmetics:

Requirements for the annual report


【ZMUni tips】

A great number of cosmetic regulations have been newly released and implemented in China in 2021(see picture below). Whether the components in the formula of historical products(whether the banned ingredients are included) and labels, etc. comply with the requirements of the new regulations, we should make self-inspection and update them in time.

(Overview of cosmetic regulations in China in Era 2.0 cosmetic administration)

Overview of cosmetic regulations

【Previous notifying system-application procedures of annual report】

application procedures of annual report


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