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Latest NewsZMUni24/05/2022Procedure of Filing Application for Food Supplement in China

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food supplement

*Product formula research: The key is that it should comply with raw material inventory, auxiliary material inventory

*Production process research: The key is that it should comply with the requirements for production process and dosage form prescribed in the regulations

*Safety evaluation: The key is the nominal /efficacy ingredients, hygiene, and stability inspection report. Enterprises can self-inspect.

*Inspection report by qualified agency: This external inspection is necessary. The inspection agency or the batch of products of it should be different from those of safety external inspection(if any).

*Import registration: The overseas applicant shall designate its branch within China or authorize the main company within China to submit the application and act as a Chinese contact.

food supplement filing


ZMUni food compliance services in China include:
  • Food labeling review
  • Food ads promotion compliance
  • Food supplement registration in China
  • Food supplement filing in China
  • Formula registration of infant formula milk powder
  • Registration of formula food for special medical use
  • Novel food ingredient application
  • Registration of overseas production enterprise of food imported to China
  • Food testing
  • Food export compliance
  • Training, database, and research
  • Food ODM
  • Product authentication
  • Other services


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