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Latest NewsRegulationsZMUni02/06/2022China New Cosmetic Ingredient(NCI) notifications in 2021

After the implementation of CSAR, 6 New Cosmetic Ingredients approved by NMPA

NCI 2021


(1) Acetylneuraminic Acid (INCI name)

Notification number: 国妆原备字20210001

Status: in monitoring period

Purpose: moisturizer

Applicable to: Skin care for the whole body

Safe use amount: ≤2%


(2) Lauroyl Alanine (INCI name)

Notification number: 国妆原备字20210002

Status: in monitoring period

Purpose: cleaning agent

Applicable to: all categories of cosmetics without special restrictions on the scale of use

Safe use amount: ≤20%


(3) β-Alanyl Hydroxyprolyldiaminobutyroyl Benzylamide (INCI name)

Notification number: 国妆原备字20210003

Status: in monitoring period

Safe usage: 0.00001-1.0%

Purpose: skin protectant

Applicable to: ① non-leave on cosmetics: cleaning products and massage products; ②Leave on skin care products such facial toner, lotion, cream, beauty serum, facial mask, etc.③Make-up products: foundation, all kinds of primer

Safe use amount: 0.00001-1.0%


(4) Tissue Culture of Saussurea Involucrata (INCI name)

Notification number: 国妆原备字20210004

Status: in monitoring period

Purpose: anti-oxidant

Applicable to: all categories of cosmetics without special restrictions on the scale of use

Safe use amount: ≤4%


(5) Tetrafluoropropene (INCI name)

Notification number: 国妆原备字20210005

Status: in monitoring period

Purpose: propellant

Applicable to: ①Leave on: skin cosmetics and hair cosmetics; ②Rinse off: skin cosmetics and hair cosmetics.

Safe use amount: ≤90%


(6) Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate (INCI name)

Notification number: 国妆原备字20210006

Status: in monitoring period

Purpose: cleaning agent

Applicable to: cleaning cosmetics such as hair wash products, body wash products and facial cleaning products

Safe use amount: ≤11%


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