Sarah “Tingting” Shu – CEO & Founder

Sarah “Tingting” Shu


Sarah Shu is known as “Tingting Shu” (Chinese: 舒婷婷), our Cosmetic Regulatory Compliance Director, founded ZMUni cosmetics in 2018. She is a graduate of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with a master’s degree in lake biology and ecology. She has over 8 years’ experience in the field of cosmetic regulatory compliance and is highly experienced in helping clients with compliance for a wide range of cosmetic products including childrens’ cosmetics, and adult general and special cosmetics.


ZMUni Chinese Cosmetic Regulation Compliance Centre provides market admittance and compliance services for cosmetics, disinfectants, oral care and other products. We also do one-stop compliance solutions for general trade imports.


We have been working with over a thousand customers to successfully bring more than 10,000 different cosmetic products to market. We are particularly proud that our pass rate is 98%, which is way above the industry standard.


We have been helping Chinese, Japanese, Korean cosmetic brands and manufacturers to import to the Chinese market. And we have established a business model, which can complete the whole process of overseas brand incubation, product development, design, production, overseas sales and the import of goods into the Chinese market according to the needs of brand owners.



ZMUni Chinese Cosmetic Regulation Compliance Centre 中贸合规中

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