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China cosmetics new raw material declaration.

Raw material compliance

China cosmetics new raw material declaration.
China cosmetics new raw material declaration

The definition of new cosmetic raw materials in my country is listed in the “Regulations on Cosmetics Hygiene Supervision”, which means that new cosmetic raw materials in my country refer to natural or artificial raw materials used in cosmetics production for the first time in China.

China's cosmetic raw material supervision model

Approved by the State Council in 1989, the Ministry of Health issued Order No. 3 of the “Regulations on Hygiene Supervision of Cosmetics” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”), which came into effect on January 1, 1990. The “Regulations” is divided into six chapters, which stipulate the definition of cosmetics, and the production and operation hygiene supervision and licensing system. In 2008, the State Council’s institutional reform, the responsibility of cosmetics hygiene supervision and management was transferred from the Ministry of Health to the National Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), and from August 29, 2018, the CFDA was officially changed to the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA).

Starting June 30, 2014, the “China Used Cosmetic Ingredients Catalog (IECIC)” is the only basis for judging the use of cosmetic ingredients. Raw materials that are not in this catalog are considered new raw materials for cosmetics, and they must be registered before they can be added to cosmetics. In addition, cosmetic raw materials sold in China must also meet the requirements of China’s new chemical substance regulations. Compliance with cosmetic formulations and raw materials is a crucial step for the successful registration/filing of cosmetic products.

Relevant regulatory authorities:

National Medical Products Administration (NMPA): Responsible for supervising the production, declaration and post-marketing supervision of cosmetics

Provincial Food and Drug Administration: Responsible for non-special cosmetics filing approval and post-marketing supervision

Ministry of Environmental Protection of China: Supervise the production or import and sale of new chemical substances in China, including cosmetic raw materials or intermediates

Customs and Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau: import and export customs clearance inspection and quarantine

Application materials for new cosmetic raw materials

1. Application form for hygiene administrative license of new cosmetic raw materials;

2. Development report:

3. Brief description and diagram of production process

4. Raw material quality and safety control requirements, including specifications, testing methods, substances that may have safety risks and their control, etc.;

5. Toxicological safety evaluation data, including relevant safety evaluation data of substances that may have safety risks in the raw materials;

6. In case of agency application, a copy of the authorization letter of the entity responsible for filing an administrative license in China and a copy of its business license shall be provided, and the official seal shall be affixed;

7. Other information that may help the review. A sample for review is also attached.

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