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Cosmetic safety assessment service.
Introduction to Cosmetic Safety Assessment Service

On December 16, 2013, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the “Notice on Adjusting the Management of Cosmetics Registration and Filing Management” (2013 No. 10), proposing that if the risk assessment of domestic non-special use cosmetics can confirm the safety of the product, Can be exempted from relevant toxicological tests of the product.

Through this service, we help companies meet the requirements of Chinese cosmetics laws and regulations while avoiding animal testing. At the same time, through a comprehensive evaluation of cosmetics, we help companies better control the quality of raw materials, optimize product formulations, and ensure product quality And safety.

Why conduct a product safety assessment?

The main basis of cosmetic safety evaluation is to evaluate the safety of products through the toxicological data of raw materials. In addition to the application of most cosmetic raw materials in the field of cosmetics, they are also widely used in other fields such as chemical industry and food, and have accumulated a lot of available data. By analyzing the existing data of each raw material, it not only ensures the safety of the final product, but also eliminates the need to carry out animal tests and avoid unnecessary waste of resources. Therefore, cosmetic safety assessment is a scientific and effective alternative to product animal testing.

The domestic non-special safety assessment policy came into being under the background that national laws and regulations attach importance to the protection of animal welfare. European Union Cosmetics Regulation EC No. 1223/2009 banned animal testing of finished cosmetic products and some animal testing of raw materials on March 11, 2009, and fully implemented the animal testing ban and sales ban on finished cosmetics and raw materials on March 11, 2013. Since then, more countries have implemented animal bans on cosmetics, and both Israel and India have now issued animal testing bans.

Which products can replace toxicology tests with safety assessments?

At present, only domestic non-special use cosmetics can replace toxicological tests with product safety assessments.

What are the requirements for security assessors?

The safety evaluation personnel shall have relevant professional knowledge of medicine, pharmacy, nursing, etc. and a certain period of working experience, and shall be responsible for the scientificity and authenticity of the safety evaluation materials.

Our advantage

At present, there is no guidance document for the safety assessment of cosmetics in China. The safety assessment report we provide mainly refers to the safety assessment report framework of the EU cosmetics regulations, from the physical and chemical, toxicological data, impurities and packaging of the raw materials, and adopts the exposure parameters suitable for the Chinese to conduct a comprehensive safety assessment.

Our technical team has many years of experience in regulatory compliance and professional background in pharmacy, traditional Chinese medicine and other related fields, and actively participate in foreign safety assessment training.

When can non-special use cosmetics not accept toxicology test?

If the risk assessment can confirm the safety of the product, the relevant toxicology test of the product can be exempted.

our service
  • Provide product safety assessment report
  • Provide comprehensive raw material safety control requirements
  • Optimize product formula

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